Pediatric Knee Surgery

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Dr. Shepard

What a bleesing you are to our family. When our daughter had to undergo knee surgery last year at age 11, all we heard were "knee horror stories" about surgeries going wrong, atrocious scarring, and lifelong knee pain. Thank goodness our good friend Christine suggested we come see you! Not only did our daughter have a flawless surgery, but she has never had one single ounce of pain in her knee since you removed the loose body and did the microfracture surgery. We cannot thank you enough! She is back to playing soccer - her team won the league championship. She just started lacrosse again and ran her fastest mile at school with a time of 6:14 last month. On top of it, her knee is blemish free, when we were told by other doctors she would probably have a 4 inch scar. There may be a tiny dot but we really have to search for it. THANK YOU. Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter. Getting her back on her feet again was the best gift anyone could have given us. And obviously she is enjoying being back in the action!

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