Nick Lagestee recruiting for Lacrosse has picked up after surgery on both knees!!!!

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I am looking for a school that will push me athletically and academically and I can’t wait to see where I belong. I am a very optimistic person with lots of passion and drive. After 9 years of training and practicing lacrosse, I am still eager to learn and execute new skills on the field.

Not only have I learned skills for the game, but I have also learned important life skills such as responsibility, time management, selflessness, confidence, and initiative. I look forward to bringing these characteristics with me to college and applying them on the field and in the classroom.

On the field I work hard to contribute to the team and be available for my teammates. My coaches have told me that I am enjoyable to work with and make a difference on the field. Over the years I have focused on finishing the ball my shots are accurate and well placed, I prefer to put the ball in the net over taking a hard or spectacular shot.

I have overcome several adversities, yet I always manage to make it back on the field and play the game better and stronger than before. I’m a hard worker and always take accountability for all that I do. When given tips and instructions, I learn quickly, change what needs to be done, and execute the skill as told. I love the game and I love playing it with people who have just as much passion for it as I do. A favorite memory of mine is scoring the overtime winning goal on the last game of our 2019 season and having my whole team celebrate with me. I love being a leader but also having mentors. Being a freshman on varsity was a memorable time because of the amazing bond I had with the seniors having them become my mentors. I also look forward to my junior and senior year so I can become a leader and a mentor like them. I enjoy the friendships I have made because of lacrosse and enjoy contributing the team.

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