Multiligamentous Knee Surgery Patient-College Soccer Player - ACL, PCL, LCL

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Hi Dr. Shepard

I want to thank you for seeing Michael yesterday, it's been a long time overdue. The day he found out what was wrong with his knee he's had one mission on his mind and that's being the player he was before his injury. I do have to say, watching him play this season he's as close as I ever thought he would be. You should be so happy about the work you did on his knee. Without your expertise Michael would not be where he is today. He received several awards this season, one being The All American Scholar Athlete Award that he received in Baltimore a few weeks ago. I was very happy to be a part of it and to celebrate his much earned efforts. As his mom I am forever grateful that you provided Michael with the possibility to play again. I can't exactly put into words but to see Michael play with the passion in his heart he had prior to his injury is what any mother would want for their child after experiencing such a traumatic event. He looked so happy.

On a different note, also wanted to let you know my sister is back on the court. After seeing you she made huge progress and is back to playing tennis several times a week. She's so much happier playing again, thank you.

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